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Corporate Training

Training and development of people within an organization is an essential part of growing a business. In many organizations people get promoted due to their functional expertise, but are never trained in managing and motivating people. Developing these soft skills is what can create the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Our trainings and workshops are designed to:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Help managers to ‘coach’ in the workplace
  • Implement and respond to organizational change
  • Transform people managers into leaders

Working directly with companies and individuals, Executive Recruiters offers programs tailored to client’s specific needs and strategies. The focus is on the challenges people and organizations face every day as the implement current business goals and long-term visions.

We believed that by enabling individuals to push out their self-imposed performance boundaries, they enrich their own lives and those around them.

Understanding this concept is crucial for companies that are seeking to achieve sustainable improvements (e.g. Sales, Profits, Market Share and ROI). In short, we believed that a happy workforce is a profitable workforce.

Whether it is a single course or an extensive training program, small or large company, we can offer the following:

  • Free training assessments
  • Customized courses to meet unique needs, and, if needed, we build a new one
  • Flexible scheduling of courses
  • Interactive, quality training from industry experts
  • Productivity enhancement training
  • Greater efficiency, cost savings and profitability as a result of training